On May 14, at 17.00, in the big hall of the Supreme Court (Room 146) the opening of the book “Administrative Procedure in Courts” will take place.

The book was worked out by a group of authors under the scientific editorship of Doctor of Law Senator Jautrite Briede. The authors are the Senator Jautrite Briede herself, six assistants to the senators of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate – Kristine Aperane, Gatis Bardins, Inga Bertaite, Inga Bite-Perceva, Marina Borkoveca and Konstantins Vaivods, the consultant of the Division of Case-law of the Supreme Court and the advisor of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice Ieva Viskere, other well-known law scientists Martins Paparinskis, Janis Pleps and Sandijs Statkus, as well as the legal advisor of the Ministry of Justice Asnate Kalnina and the lawyer Dainis Lasmanis of the attorney Romualds Vonsovics law office.

The preface to the book was written by the Chairman of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate Valerijans Jonikans who led successfully the work of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate from 2004 till 2007.

The book presents a wide survey of the most significant issues of the administrative procedure in courts, highlighting both the cognitions of the theory of the administrative procedure and the court practice which has become consolidated in the four years while the Administrative Procedure Law is in effect. The book is published by the state limited liability company “Latvijas Vestnesis”.

Taking into account that the majority of the authors and the scientific editor, as well, work in the Supreme Court, the opening of the book is a significant day also for the Supreme Court.

Interested persons are invited to the opening of the book.




Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: 7020396, 28652211