By the decision of June 7, the Disciplinary Court has left unchanged the decision of the Judicial Qualification Committee regarding the negative assessment of the professional activity of a Riga district judge. The judge's complaint was rejected.

The decision of the Disciplinary Court cannot be appealed. The full decision will be available on June 22, when it will also be published on the Supreme Court's website.

The evaluation of a judge's professional performance was carried out after three years in office, when the Minister of Justice, on the basis of the opinion of the Judicial Qualification Committee, had to decide to further judge’s approval in the office without limitation of the term of office or reappointment with limitation of term of office.

The main reason for the negative opinion of the Judicial Qualification Committee is the inability of the judge to organize her work, as the deadlines for examination of cases and for drafting a full ruling are not observed.

The Disciplinary Court is convened in the Supreme Court to assess lawfulness of disputed decisions of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, the Judicial Qualification Committee, and the Judicial Council, as well as to review contested decisions of the Prosecutor General on application of disciplinary punishment.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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