Today, on September 23, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Slovakia Dobroslav Trnka arrived to have a meeting with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics. The Head of the Prosecutor General Office, the Chief Prosecutor Katarina Laiferova and the prosecutor of the Zilina region Emil Hadbabnij were also among the members of the delegation.

During the meeting, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court told about the Latvian court system, the structure and amount of work of the Supreme Court, as well as provided an insight in the most essential issues and advancement of the draft law on the judicial power. The Slovakian prosecutors shared their experience regarding training of judges and prosecutors, and candidates to these positions. In Slovakia, a special training institution functions under the subordination of the Ministry of Justice where the candidates to the position of a judge and a prosecutor are trained for the future position and where the existing staff perfects the qualification. As well, for the Latvian part it was useful information provided by the Slovakian colleagues regarding the successful activities of the Judicial Council in their country.

The guests visited also the Supreme Court Museum and learned the history of the Latvian Supreme Court which covers also a part of the prosecutors’ history.

The delegation of the Prosecutor General Office of Slovakia visits Latvia for three days during which they have a meeting with the Prosecutor General Janis Maizitis, the Chief Justice of the Spreme Court Ivars Bickovics, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Gunars Kutris and the Head of the Service of Prevention of Legalization of Proceeds from Crime Viesturs Burkans. The Slovakian prosecutors visited Liepaja, as well, where they were shown the latest up to date building of the Latvian prosecutor’s office which houses the Kurzemes Court regional prosecutor’s office, the Liepaja city and region prosecutor’s offices.


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Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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