In honour of the centenary of the Satversme (Latvian Constitution), the Supreme Court is holding an international conference on the role of Supreme Courts in strengthening the values ​​of the Constitution. The conference will be held on Friday, September 9, and the judges of the Supreme Courts of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria and the Czech Republic will participate in it.

The judicial system and especially the highest court instance plays a major role in the observance, protection and development of fundamental rights and fundamental principles contained in the fundamental law of the country. The task of the Supreme Courts is at least twofold. First of all, the court must find a fair solution in each case, complying with the Constitution, ensuring a balance between personal rights and public interests. Secondly, the legal opinions of senators and case law findings contained in the rulings of the Supreme Court contribute to the development of the legal system and strengthen the values ​​contained in the Constitution.

The conference shall have two parts. The first part shall focus on the challenges of applying constitutional norms in these days. Sanita Osipova, Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, will give a keynote speech on the purpose of separation of powers and on the role of the court in achieving it. Gerhard Kuras, Judge of the Supreme Court of Austria, will report on the challenges of the application of the Austrian Constitution within the framework of the European Union law. Zdeněk Kühn, Judge of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic, will speak about the direct application of the Constitution and the challenges associated with it.

The second part of the conference shall highlight the Constitution as a source for Supreme Court rulings. Aigars Strupišs, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Latvia, will give a reading on the limits of the constitutionality review in Supreme Court rulings. Julia Laffranque, Judge of the Supreme Court of Estonia, will speak about the hybrid experience of the Supreme Court of Estonia – between constitution and cassation. Whereas, Sigita Rudėnaitė, Acting President of the Supreme Court of Lithuania, will analyze the Constitution as a source for the rulings of the Supreme Court of Lithuania.

The materials of the conference will be available in the next issue of the Supreme Court Bulletin.


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