The Council for the Judiciary agreed on the basic principles to be established in the procedure for nominating and appointing chairs of courts.

In the event of a vacant position of a chair of a court, a competition will be announced in which not only judges of a particular court will be able to apply, but also judges of other courts. A panel of five people is to be set up to assess the applications of candidates, which includes a representative from the court which needs a chair, a representative delegated by the highest court instance and the Minister of Justice, a representative of staff and a staff management specialist. This commission will assess the candidates according to the criteria set by the Council for the Judiciary and will give an opinion to the Council for the Judiciary on all candidates. The final decision will be taken by the Council for the Judiciary.

Taking into account these basic principles set by the Council for the Judiciary, a procedure for the nomination and appointment of chairs of courts will be drawn up.

The decision was adopted by the Council for the Judiciary on the sitting of November 12, 2018. Information on all the issues discussed at the sitting and the decisions adopted see here.


Information prepared by
Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court
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