The Board of Justice approved Plan of organization and course of elections of institutions of judicial self-government for year 2014, which envisages organizing of elections of the Board of Justice in presence at Judges’ Conference, which shall be held on 5 September in Riga Congress Hall, using elements of electronic conference in respect of nomination of candidates.  

It means that candidates to the Board of Justice have been nominated from among judges of regional courts, district (city) courts and Land Registry offices in electronic form before the conference until August 29, but they shall give their vision about further work of the Board and shall answer to questions in presence, at the Conference, and elections shall take place on September, 5.

In accordance with Regulation of Judges’ Conference, the Board of Justice determined Guntars Sturis, the judge of the Judicial Panel of Criminal Cases of Riga regional court, to be the Head of the Conference, which shall be held in presence, and the Secretary shall be Inese Biteniece – the judge of Riga district court.   

Pursuant to the law “On Judicial Power”, quadrennial term of office of members of the Board of Justice elected in 2010 expires, thus, judges have to elect new representatives in the Board. As the first term of office of newly established Board of Justice expires, Judges’ Conference, which shall be held on 5 September, shall be dedicated to experience and topicalities of the Board, and highest state officials and representatives of Judicial Councils of Lithuania, Poland and Georgia are invited to participate in the conference.

The Board of Justice is a collegial institution, is involved in the elaboration of the policy and strategy for the judicial system, as well as improving the organisation of work of the court system. The Board of Justice consists of 15 members – eight permanent members (officials) and seven elected members – judges. One elected member of the Board of Justice is chosen by the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court, and Judges’ Conference has to elect six judges to work in the Board of Justice – one from among judges of Land Registry offices, three –from among judges of district (city) courts and two – from among judges of regional courts.  

The Board of Justice adopted decisions in written proceedings on July, 15.