At the sitting of the Council for the Judiciary, the Court Administration gave an overview of the results of performance 2017 and the most significant this year’s challenges.

The implmentation of judicial reform, security solutions in courts and major construction projects – reconstruction of court buildings in Madona and Tukums, construction of a new justice centre in Jekabpils and expansion of court premises in Ventspils were mentioned by Edvins Balsevics, Director of the Court Administration, as most significant developments of the past year. The functionality of the Court Information System, the Unified Computerized Land Register and the Register of Enforcement Cases maintained by the Court Administration is also improved.

Widespread involvement in projects and the international cooperation within these projects is a hallmark of the work of the Court Administration. The e-Case project was launched last year, the international ECLI code was introduced, the project "Justice for Development" supported by the European Social Fund was launched. The Director of the Court Administration also mentioned the introduction of modern tools such as robotization of processes and the implementation of the business intelligence tool “MicroStrategy”.

The most extensive project was "Justice for Development", which included an evaluation of the Latvian judicial system, 850 participants took part in the training, 270 people participated in experience exchange programs abroad, 17 units of videoconferencing equipment have been introduced, 14 conferences organized.

Work of the Court Administration has been appraised both in Latvia and at the European level: the Administration has been nominated as the best employer and social partner according to the evaluation of the Latvian public institutions, municipalities, companies and financial workers; the Court Administration has received the State Labor Inspectorate's Good Practice Award, the recognition of the Court Employees’ Trade Union, and a good practice certificate of the European Institute of Public Administration on the implementation of marking system of court session audio minutes in Latvian courts.

This year’s challenges for the Court Administration are the completion of the judicial reform, the integration of land register offices in district (city) courts, the development of the e-Case project and the Business Intelligence Tool, the implementation of events within the project "Justice for Development", as well as the introduction of security solutions in courts.

The issue was considered by the Council for the Judiciary at the sitting of 27 August 2018. Information on other issues considered at the sitting and decisions adopted see here.



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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