The Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, in the case regarding the decision of the Minister of the Interior to include the applicant in the “black list” or inclusion of a foreigner in the list of foreigners who are prohibited from entering the Republic of Latvia, has resumed the adjudication of the case on the merits. The Senate has made such a decision in accordance with the provisions of Section 244, Paragraph one of the Administrative Procedure Law, namely, if during the court deliberations the court deems it necessary to establish new circumstances relevant to the case or additionally examine existing or new evidence, it shall resume the examination of the case on the merits.

Having examined the materials in the case, the Senate, during the deliberations has established the necessity to clarify the circumstances and obtain additional evidence that could be relevant in the case under examination. In order to fully and objectively clarify the circumstances of the case, the Senate has requested additional information from the State Security Service.

Proceedings will continue upon receipt of these materials. 

The Senate examined the case in a hearing on June 10. At the court hearing, the applicant's representatives requested that the decision of the Minister of the Interior be annulled, while a representative of the Ministry of the Interior, a representative of the State Security Service and a prosecutor requested that the application for annulment of the Minister of the Interior's decision be rejected.

Case No SA-1/2021


Information prepared by Baiba Kataja, the Press Secretary of the Supreme Court
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