On January 26, the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate left unchanged the judgment of the Riga Regional Court of May 14, 2021, by which three persons were found guilty of misappropriation of cotton cargo. By the judgment of the appellate court, the accused entrepreneur was sentenced to imprisonment for six years and four months, his spouse was sentenced to imprisonment for five years, and the third accused person in the case was sentenced to imprisonment for three years and two months. Two of the defendants were also found guilty of falsifying a document for greedy purposes, but the spouse of the accused entrepreneur was acquitted of this charge. 9,094,238.96 euros were recovered from the defendants in favour of the injured enterprise.

Having examined the cassation complaints of the accused entrepreneur and the defence counsels, the Senate recognized that the defendants were rightly found guilty and that their actions undoubtedly indicate the misappropriation of the cotton cargo. By leaving the judgment of the appellate court unchanged, the Senate recognized that the conclusions expressed in it regarding misappropriation and falsification of documents were based on findings expressed in the theory of criminal law and in case law of the Senate.

The Senate also acknowledged that the appellate court did not commit the violations of the Criminal Procedure Law indicated in the cassation complaints.

The present criminal case against three persons was initiated for misappropriation and falsification and use of documents in connection with the disappearance of a shipment of Tajik cotton worth more than nine million.

On July 6, 2018, having examined the case in the first instance, the Riga District Court sentenced the entrepreneur to eight years of imprisonment. His wife was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment, and the third defendant in the case was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

The case has the status of a closed case.


Information prepared by Baiba Kataja, the Press Secretary of the Supreme Court

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