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Procedure for releasing information

The Supreme Court provides release of information being at its disposal according to the Law on Transparency of Information, the Law on Judicial Power, the Law on Protection of Private Data of Individuals, procedure laws and other laws and regulations.

The information which is at the disposal of the Supreme Court is divided in information of general accessibility and information of restricted accessibility. The regulations under which information is to be released and published are set by the procedure approved by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on April 24, 2009. (Amendments: 21.10.2010; 30.11.2011; 02.01.2013; 18.12.2013; 20.03.2014; 04.12.2014; 11.05.2015.).

See procedure for releasing information here.


Issue of rulings

Selected rulings are available on the web site of the Supreme Court www.at.gov.lv, in Collections of rulings and on courts’ web site www.tiesas.lv. Rulings of the current year and two previous years are available in the Chancery of the Court, other rulings – in the Document Administration Division of the Administration.  

Before being given to persons, who are not participants of a case, court rulings are anonymized according to Regulations No 123 of the Cabinet of Ministers of February 10, 2009 “Regulations on publication of court information on a home page on the Internet and processing of court rulings before issuing

The person may ask to get acquainted with rulings in the Chancery of the Supreme Court. So that work of the Chancery would not be hindered, its Head is authorised to set the time, when the person can get acquainted with the rulings, and to reject or suspend visit of the person.   


Payment for releasing of information 

Provision of such information, which should be additionally processed, is paid service.

Paid services of the court, payment amount and cases, when the individual may be exempted from payment for service are established in the Regulations No.96 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 19 February 2013 “Regulations on Paid Services of the Courts”.