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Use of e-solutions during Covid-19 crisis

Using e-solutions in court work and processes during COVID-19 crisis in Ukraine

In 2020 the Supreme Court as a partner of the Court Administration is implementing the project “Using of e-solutions in court work and processes during COVID-19 crisis in Ukraine”. The project application prepared jointly by the Supreme Court and the Court Administration has received support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation project competition.

Aim of the project

The aim of the project is the application of e-solutions in the administration of court work and processes in Ukraine during the COVID-19 crisis with special emphasis on topics such as e-elections, accounting of working time and organization of court work in crisis conditions.

Project activities

The project envisages three main activities:

  • Online webinar on the organization of the work of courts during emergency situation, which will result in a compilation of Good Practices (organized by the Supreme Court);
  • Online webinar on e-voting, remote working time accounting and distance learning (organized by the Court Administration);
  • Latvia's experience in ensuring the continuity of court proceedings in the conditions of a pandemic: in-depth discussion (organized by the Supreme Court).

Project implementation time

June 2020 – December 2020

Project partners

Supreme Court of Latvia

Court Administration of Latvia

Supreme Court of Ukraine

State Courts Administration of Ukraine

More about project activities

27.11.2020. The Supreme Court shares its experience in adjudicating cases in the written procedure

23.09.2020. The second day of the webinar organized by the Supreme Court is attended by 150 employees of Ukrainian courts

22.09.2020. The Supreme Court shares its experience with Ukrainian judges on court work during the pandemic

31.08.2020. The Supreme Court of Latvia will share experiences with Ukrainian colleagues


The project received development cooperation financing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia in 2020