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Senators 1918-1940

Each country's courts have their own “image”, which is only partly reflected in the laws on judicial system and in court judgments. It is the courts spiritual image made up of those who carry out duties of a judge in these courts. Brochure "Senators 1918 - 1940", prepared and issued by the Supreme Court, is the story of the people who shaped the highest instance court of Latvia - the Senate of Latvia, and hence the image and spirit of the whole Latvian judiciary during the first time of independence of the Republic of Latvia.

The brochure is issued on the 90th anniversary of the Latvian State and its judicial system. The Supreme Court of the newly independent Republic of Latvia is the continuator of experience and history of the Latvian Senate. Therefore life stories of senators of the first phase of the Latvian independence are summarized- for gaining information, experience and inspiration.


Map “Birthplaces of Senators”

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Brochure "Senators. Latvian Senate 1918-1940" 

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Documentary "Senators"

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More about senators

Rūdolfs Jānis Alksnis

Jānis Ankravs

Jānis Balodis

Teodors Bergtāls

Vladimirs Bukovskis

Mintauts Čakste

Baldvins Disterlo

Kārlis Ducmanis

Miķelis Gobiņš

Jānis Graudiņš

Jēkabs Grots

Aleksandrs Gubens

Jānis Kalacs

Fridrihs Konradi

Pēteris Leitāns

Augusts Lēbers

Broņislavs Nagujevskis

Kārlis Ozoliņš

Osvalds Ozoliņš

Aleksandrs Pētersons

Kārlis Puriņš

Maksis Ratermanis

Augusts Rumpēters

Andrejs Sīmanis

Jānis Skudre

Pēteris Stērste

Kristaps Valters

Fridrihs Vesmanis

Voldemārs Zāmuels

Fricis Zilbers