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Basis of authority

The Judicial Council is a collegial authority, which is involved in the elaboration of the policy and strategy for the judicial system, as well as improving the organisation of the workof the court system. The goal of foundation of the Judicial Council is to counterbalance relations between executive power, judicial power and legislative power, laying down to it important role in issues regarding court system.    

The establishment of the Judicial Council is laid down in the law “On Judicial Power”, by amendments of June 3, 2010, including chapter 131 “The Judicial Council” to the law. These amendments came into force on 1 August 2010.   

The work of the Judicial Council is subject to the Regulation of the Judicial Council, approved at the sitting of 16 October 2017.

The work of the Judicial Council is ensured by the Secretariat of the Judicial Council, which is a  structural unit of the Supreme Court.