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Guided tours

Due to spread of Covid-19 the Supreme Court currently do not organize guided tours 

Visitors have an opportunity to have a look into the history of the Supreme Court, visiting the museum of the Supreme Court and having walk around historical Palace of Justice.   

  • You may find information about the museum of the Supreme Court here.

  • You may find information on Palace of Justice here.

  • Visit the virtual 3D tour here.

Guided tours should be arranged and time preferred should be coordinated with the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court on the phone +371 67020396 or sending an application to e-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv

Name, surname and personal ID number of each member of a group should be submitted to the Division of Communication at least two days prior to the tour. However, responsible contact person must be indicated as well.   

When visiting the Supreme Court, personal identification document must be carried by the person, and security check must be performed.

Tours are guided by the employee of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court. During the visit, it is possible to get acquainted with the museum of the Supreme Court, to see sculpture named “Justice” designed by Kārlis Zemdega, to have a look into court room, as well as in some cases – to see historical hall of the Senate (which is a room for government sessions at present).

You may take photos and video during the tour, observing instructions given by the guide of the tour.

Guided tours are free of charge.