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Exchange of experience between Latvian and Nordic Supreme Court staff

In 2022, the Supreme Court of Latvia implements the project “Exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices between Latvian and Nordic Supreme Court staff on effective work organisation”. The project prepared by the Administration of the Supreme Court is supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme "Public Administration". The project is financed by the Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Estonia and the Supreme Court of Latvia.

Objectives of the project

  1. Organising visits to the Nordic countries for judicial support staff from the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia to strengthen their qualifications and harmonize working methods by mutually exchanging information and expertise on work organisation, main responsibilities and educational requirements of the support staff of the court. Special attention could be paid to the competence and experience of judge assistants, advisers and consultants.

  2. Encouraging cooperation between the Supreme Courts of Nordic countries and Latvia.

Project activities

Three experience exchange visits will take place within the project:

  • In August 2022, a visit to the Supreme Court of Finland, the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland, the Helsinki District Court and the Helsinki Court of Appeal.

  • In September 2022, a visit to the Danish Supreme Court and the Danish Judicial Administration.

  • In November 2022, a visit the Supreme Court of Norway.

Project partners

  • The project is managed by the Supreme Court of Latvia

  • Project participants are the Supreme Court of Denmark, the Supreme Court of Norway, the Supreme Court of Finland

More about project activities

04.11.2022. Employees gain experience at the Supreme Court of Norway

23.09.2022. Employees gain experience in Danish courts

26.08.2022. Employees of the Supreme Court gain experience in Finnish courts