On Thursday, 25th of May Judicial Disciplinary Committee, with its new members, came together for its first meeting. They discussed the further organization of the self - government institution, elected chairman’s deputy – the same as last time, Senator of the Supreme Court Senate Peteris Dzalbe and also reviewed previously initiated disciplinary proceedings.
Following Chairman’s Andris Gulans suggestion, till the 10th of June all the members shall introduce some proposals for the modification of the committees’ manual, because on the Conference of Latvian judges, evaluating previous years work, there were found some respectable gaps.
Committees’ first case was Roberts Holcmanis from Latgale suburb court of the city of Riga against whom the case was initiated already on the 11th of April this year and it was done by the Chairman of the same court. After serious examination of materials and opinions of the judge and the chairman the committee decided to recommend to remove the judge from his office.
As of 13th of May, the Judicial Disciplinary Committee has the following members: Andris Gulans, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, serving as the chair of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, Peteris Dzalbe, Senator of the Supreme Court Senate, serving as the deputy chair of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, Pavels Gruzins, deputy Chief Justice, Valerijans Jonikans, Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court Senate, Aiva Zarina, Justice of the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court, Juris Kavis, Chair of the Cesis District Court, Arnis Naglis, Chair of the Ogre District Branch of the Land Registry, Aldis Lavins, Chair of the Regional Court of Administrative Cases, Andris Ozols, Chair of the Talsi District Branch of the Land Registry, Helena Muizniece, Chair of the Kraslava District Court and Edite Knegere, Chair of the Vidzeme Regional Court.