Commentaries on laws based on scientific conclusions are the tool of daily work of a judge, which, although being produced from the hardest steel, still it needs “sharpening” with new assessments – Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said at the presentation of the supplemented edition of the Part I of the Commentaries on the Civil Procedure Law.

The presentation of the book took place on 18 February at the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, because, as the Dean of the Faculty Anita Rodina pointed out, it has been beautiful academic event, the highest scientific achievement.     

The second, supplemented edition of the Part I of the Commentaries on the Civil Procedure Law has been prepared by the experienced body of authors - Gunars Aigars, Gunvaldis Davidovics, Daina Ose, Martins Osis, under guidance of Kalvis Torgans, the Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia and the academician of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. The legal editor of the book is Signe Terihova.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court expressed satisfaction that the scientific editor, the Professor Torgans, and the former Chair of the Chamber of Civil Cases, currently the adviser, Gunars Aigars, and Gunvaldis Davidovics, the former assistant to a judge developed their conclusions also in work experience in the Supreme Court.  

Commentaries on Chapters 1-28 of the Civil Procedure Law were published in the single book for the first time in 2011, earning very extensive interest of readers. After publication of this book, the Civil Procedure Law was amended by 42 laws.  

As the publisher of the book, the Courthouse Agency, points out – numerous amendments were adopted with the purpose to improve procedure of adjudication of disputes arising from the civil law, the majority thereof is considered to be important. Until the end of 2015, the Constitutional Court in several cases also has assessed compliance of provisions of the Civil Procedure Law, inter alia, of the provision included in this part of commentaries, with the Constitution.  Moreover, during 5 years praxis of application of civil procedural provisions has developed, and the legal science gave a significant contribution both to application of the Constitution and other legal provisions, and promotion of understanding of content of legal provisions of the European Union law and international law.  It was important to reflect all these changes in new edition and to prepare new edition of commentaries.  

Having assessed the importance of commentaries on the law, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, hoped that those would also promote development of uniform case-law, and thus – decrease of number of appeals.   


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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