The issue of the periodical “Jurista Vārds” (“Lawyer’s Word”) of July 24 is devoted to the distinguished Baltic German lawyer Professor Dietrich André Loeber (Dītrihs Andrejs Lēbers) (1923-2004), "whose efforts in maintaining the hope in Latvia's independence during the seemingly hopeless years of the Soviet occupation must in no way be forgotten" – the editor-in-chief commented on the theme of the issue.

One of the most internationally significant lawyers in Latvia, Dietrich André Loeber, also had a close relationship with the Supreme Court, since his father, August Loeber, was one of the first senators of the Senate of Latvia. He served from 1918 until 1938 and then he was entered on a list of Judges Emeritus. With the help of the senator's son, the rulings of the Senate were republished in the restored Latvia, and Dietrich André Loeber was the first to encourage today's judges to use the findings of judgments of the Senate of the Republic of Latvia in their work, which is the "gold mine" for legal opinions, that have retained their significance even nowadays.

With the care and financial support of Dietrich André Loeber, the Supreme Court Museum was established in 1998, the most valuable and extensive collection is the legacy of August Loeber. The article dedicated to Mr. Loeber is also illustrated by several photographs from the collection of the Supreme Court Museum, such as the photo of developers of 1973 Memorandum of World Federation of Free Latvians on the inadmissibility of the recognition of the occupation of the Baltic States, and the photo of heirs of senators – Aija Cakste and Dietrich André Loeber at the 80th anniversary of the Senate of Latvia.

The latest issue of “Jurista Vārds” also contains the judgment of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court of June 22, 2018 in case No SKA-237/2018, which analyzes the issue of rights of Alexis Loeber, son of Dietrich André Loeber, to the citizenship of the Republic of Latvia. This judgment, as commented by the judge of the European Court of Justice Egils Levits, is one of the most important in the field of national law in contemporary Latvia. It expands the case-law established by the Constitutional Court on the doctrine of continuity of the state and indicates that the legal framework of the Citizenship Law should be applied in accordance with the doctrine of the continuity of the state of Latvia. A passport issued by Latvian diplomats abroad gave Dietrich André Loeber the opportunity to reinstate Latvian citizenship withdrawn from him in 1939 when he left Latvia. And his children as well have the right to citizenship of the Republic of Latvia.

Commentaries to the judgment provided by Veronika Krumina, the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court, Anita Kovalevska, Judge of the Department of Administrative Cases, Egils Levits, Judge of the European Court of Justice, and Ainars Lerhs, Leading Researcher of the Institute of History of Latvia, are also published. These commentaries have caused resonance among lawyers, historians and foreign experts.



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