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16 May, 2019

Ivars Bickovics: case-law and legal science have always been and will be in interaction

On Thursday, May 16, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Ivars Bickovics, gave a guest lecture on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the University of Latvia "Topical Issues of Legal Science and Case-law", in which he spoke about the cooperation and interaction of the Supreme Court – the Senate – with the legal science at the beginning of the formation of the judicial system and today.
7 May, 2019

Invitation to guest lecture on application of the EU law by professor Takis Tridimas

On May 17 at 10.00, Mr Takis Tridimas, Professor of the EU law at the King’s College London, will give a guest lecture “The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the National Courts: Divided Loyalties?” at the Gold Hall of Riga Latvian Society.
30 April, 2019

Senators of the Department of Civil Cases meet with judges of regional courts

On 26 April, senators of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court participated in a meeting organized by Riga Regional Court for the judges of collegiums of civil cases of all regional courts of Latvia to discuss the quality of courts’ performance and topical issues of civil law and civil procedure law.
26 April, 2019

On the Media Day the Supreme Court informs about judicial topicalities and most notable rulings

On the Media Day on April 25, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and chairs of the departments informed the journalists about the topicalities of the Supreme Court and the judiciary, as well as about the most important rulings of the Senate, which established the case-law and could be useful and interesting in the work of journalists.
26 April, 2019

Chief Justice participates in the Conference of the Supreme Court of Poland

Today, April 26, Ivars Bickovics, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, participates in an international conference “The Future of Europe based on the Rule of Law”, which is held in Poland and organized by the Supreme Court of Poland.
18 April, 2019

The Supreme Court extends the range of publicly available rulings

The Supreme Court has added almost two thousand rulings to the portal manas.tiesas.lv in addition to those that have been added since September 2013 in accordance with the regulatory procedure.
16 April, 2019

The Chair of the Department of Civil Cases encourages to think about the system of advocates of the Supreme Court

The Senate is interested in qualitative cassation complaints; therefore, it may be necessary to start thinking about the usefulness of the introduction of the system of advocates of the Supreme Court – as indicated by Aigars Strupiss, Chair of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate, in his address to the general meeting of sworn advocates of Latvia on April 12.
16 April, 2019

The latest issue of the Bulletin – an overview of the performance of the Supreme Court and the case-law of the past year

The 18th issue of the Supreme Court Bulletin includes a public report on the performance of the Supreme Court in 2018 – characteristics, changes and topicalities of the Supreme Court, statistics and overview given by the chairs of Departments of the Supreme Court and of heads of other structural units and their conclusions regarding past year.
8 April, 2019

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court encourages the Association of Judges to strengthen the self-confidence of judges

At the conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of the Latvian Association of Judges that took place on 5 April, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Chair of Council for the Judiciary, called on the Association of Judges to support judges by expanding the range of judges' interests and strengthening self-confidence. "It is necessary to make judges feel confident that they are unaffectable in their decisions as morally mature persons, thus strengthening public confidence in independent judiciary," said Ivars Bickovics.
27 March, 2019

Colleagues from Germany visit the Supreme Court

On March 27 junior lawyers from Germany, who are currently studying and undergoing training at the Koblenz District Court, visited the Supreme Court for the exchange of experience. Guests had a meeting with Rihards Gulbis, Legal Research Counsel to the Department of Civil Cases. The legal research counsel provided visitors with general information on the structure of the Latvian judicial system, the court information system, giving more detailed information on the Supreme Court, its activities, the appointment of judges, the work of the departments, and the structure and tasks of the Administration.