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21 August, 2019

Latest issue of the Compilation of Rulings of the Senate

The Courthouse Agency, in cooperation with the Supreme Court, has published a summary of the most important rulings in 2018 adopted under the cassation procedure. This is the twenty-third yearbook of Supreme Court rulings, and the name of the Senate is returned to its title (the Compilation of Rulings of the Senate), as in 2018 the legislator restored the historical name of the cassation instance (the Senate).
29 July, 2019

Topics of the Constitutional Law Seminar – good legislation and modern technologies

The Constitutional Law Seminar, that was held last week, addressed the proper legislation and the impact of modern technology on lawyers' work. Aigars Strupiss and Veronika Krumina, chairs of the departments of the Supreme Court, also participated in the discussions as experts.
16 July, 2019

Professor of the University of Southern Denmark carries out research on digitalization at courts

On Friday, 12 July, Frederik Waage, Law Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, visited the Supreme Court. In the framework of the project "Digitalization at Courts" funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the professor interviewed representatives of the Supreme Court about the level achieved and issues regarding digitalization at courts in Latvia.
1 July, 2019

During the Conversation Festival LAMPA, a discussion about the courage of a judge was widely attended

On Friday, June 28, in Cesis, during the Conversation Festival LAMPA, the Supreme Court held a discussion “Court. Justice. The Judge's Backbone” which was attended by 100 people, while it was also possible to follow the discussion and ask questions online.
1 July, 2019

Judge Aivars Uminskis commences work in the Department of Criminal Cases

On July 1, Aivars Uminskis takes up judicial duties in the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court. Aivars Uminskis had applied for the vacant position of a judge in the Department of Criminal Cases, and by a decision of the Council for the Judiciary of June 3, Aivars Uminskis, a judge of Riga Regional Court, was transferred to the position of a judge of the Supreme Court.
27 June, 2019

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court initiates an examination of the grounds for dismissal of the Prosecutor General

On June 26, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics initiated an examination of the grounds for dismissing Prosecutor General Eriks Kalnmeiers. The decision was made on the basis of Section 413, Paragraph two of the Office of the Prosecutor Law, at the request of 39 members of the Saeima (Parliament), received by the Supreme Court on June 17.
21 June, 2019

An international project is being completed in Ukraine in which judges and employees of the Supreme Court of Latvia participated as experts

On June 21, the Twinning Project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the Field of Human Rights Protection at the National Level” was completed at the Supreme Court of Ukraine in Kiev, in which Jautrite Briede, Judge of the Supreme Court of Latvia, served as a long-term expert.
21 June, 2019

In the framework of conversation festival LAMPA the Supreme Court invites to take part in “People's Court” and in discussion of judge's backbone

What is the guarantee of a fair trial? Are justice and rule of law synonymous? The conversation festival LAMPA will seek answers to these questions at the "people's court", which means that audience will have a special opportunity to step in shoes of judges and make decisions about imposition of penalties, tenant eviction, and adoption.
21 June, 2019

Chief Justice accepts oaths of newly admitted sworn advocates

On Friday, June 21, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics accepted oaths of five advocates newly admitted to the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates.
19 June, 2019

The Disciplinary Court rejects the judge's complaint and does not amend the disciplinary punishment imposed

On July 5, after reviewing the decision of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee of May 31, 2019, appealed by a district court judge, the Disciplinary Court upheld the decision, but dismissed the judge's complaint. The Judicial Disciplinary Committee imposed a disciplinary penalty on the judge – a reproof.